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    Exporting file to pdf - ghost outlines of graphics on different layers



      I'm in desperate need of help with this!

      I'm creating a picture book. Have graphics placed from illustrator, and PNG files placed on top (The face is a PNG, and the rest of the illustrations are il).

      When I export to pdf with a flattening preset, the result is a file where I can see the outlines of the graphics through the PNG face.

      I'm sure it's a transparency issue, because if I save it as Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) It looks amazing. Also the flattener preview indicates that both the png and a large portion of the graphics are transparent. Even though, when I look in the Illustrator file, I see that it's not. I don't know what happened during the placing....

      This also happens no matter what graphic file format I place. I've tried flattening it before placing, exporting the il to pdf and then placing. No difference.

      I'm attaching two images to help explain. On the left you can see start from the cape "carved" into the face if you look closely, and on the right, you can see the door post, neck and back sleeve through the face.

      Would be very happy for any good ideas!


      Screenshot (161).pngScreenshot (160).png