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    Export Settings - incorrect page layout


      Hi guys,


      Wondering if you can help me, I've hit a dead end!! So the first image shows a screen capture from my indesign document of where the centre line is. However the second two images show the export. The sencond image is the first page where it finishes and adds the edge of the second page on the end, and then the third image is the second page, but seems to add the edge of the first at the beginning.


      I cannot work out why. It must be export settings (??) but i've tried everything it seems!


      For reference the background and layout is a linked document from photoshop, fitted to size. It works fine when exporting as a spread however, I need to export it as individual pages for our printers.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



             1                 2           3

      Query.PNG Line1.PNGLine2.PNG