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    Unable to open Canon 1DX Mark II Raw files in Photoshop CC [was: John van Wijk]


      Good morning, I have a Canon 1DX Mark 11 and shoot in Raw. I also have Photoshop CC. According to the update in the HELP section nof the photoshop interface all in my CC system is up to date. My problem is that, having downloaded my files from the memory card onto my laptop, and trying to open up in photoshop, a box comes up that advises me that ""COULD NOT COMPLETE THE COMMAND BECAUSE THE FILE APPEARS TO BE FROM A CAMERA MODEL WHICH IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THE INSTALLED VERSION OF CAMERA RAW


      I looked up the various camera Raw /camera requirements and the Canon 1DX Mark 11 requires Adobe camera Raw 9.6 for this camera and I HAVE 9.6 as a download but it still will not work.


      I am desparate to fix this problem as I am going on a month long photographic safari in central Africa in two days time....6th August.  PLEASE PLEASE someone help.