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    Lightroom blocks at importing


      In the latest version of Lightroom (2015.6.1), spanish version, when I sincronize a directory, and Lightroom find a small amount of new images (about 20) in the count, the import window collapses for about 20 hours.

      If I try the alternate method of drag and drop the 20 images from the file explorer to the library module in Lightroom, it works normally, taking only a few seconds in put the 20 photos in the import window and allowing me to import as usual.

      I've unchecked the use of the graphics accelerator and disconecting external devices like cellular phones from the computer and the behavior is the same.

      I've reinstalled Lightroom, and optimized the catalog, but nothing happens.

      I use an HP Pavillion with 4 cores and 8 Gb of memory with Windows 10 as SO.

      In the previous versions of Lightroom this didn't happen.