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    LR "Synchronize Folder" does not update ratings/attributes from Bridge

    joestephens Level 1

      I have the latest "CC" versions from Pshop, LR and Bridge.


      I find it easiest to manage ratings in Bridge, assign keywords, etc, and then synchronize from LR.  Before about a week ago, I could rate my photos in Bridge, for instance assign a "2-star" rating, and then in LR, (pointed at the same physical folder where the photos reside (RAW and JPG) right-click the folder and select "synchronize files" - and any ratings would be updated, say from "0 stars" to "2 stars".


      This functionality is no longer working.  I am not sure the upgrade had anything to do with this.  I haven't made any changes to the way that Bridge or LR handle meta-data.


      Any help please?