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    Nook problems


      I had an old nook from about 8 yrs. ago tied to and old aol email address that I no longer use and do not remember the password for.


      I just purchased an new nook and tried to download a book from our local library and it comes up as my old aol address and since I don't use the old address and cant remember the password, I am unable to download the books. so I contacted adobe and they changed my email address to a gmail one and I have the password for that but when I try and download a book it still brings up my AOL address and I cant erase that or move past that point to get it downloaded

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          Nanaky Level 5

          You must used the same Adobe ID to have access. If you foregt the password of the Adobe ID should ask the Customer support for help with the Customer account Password. First if you used the same Adoe ID it works fine.