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    More useful navigation requests. Spot time, Go to Time

    AndyB-LondonSecretAgency Level 1

      Hi All!

      We're an edit-post house and have started to use Audition this year to produce Podcasts and Video. I have much hope for this program but so far after 7 months, it's a shade less of what a professional audio editor should be and still lacks basic features we need and have come to accept in a normal edit workflow.  We would love it if we could stay in Adobe. Wkflow :   AE --> Premiere <--Audition  would be stunning pipeline when AU comes of age.


      If these have been or are planning to be implemented this year (2016) it may just save us from having to layback into Logic or PT.


      Requests and comments?

      I've seen a few feature requests for useful organisational things such as Bins/Folders. (2013… not implemented yet)


      GO TO TIME: Normally preceeded by + or -, then type the timecode eg 11.02.02 that we want the playhead.



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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Hi Andy,


          Thanks for the requests.  Bins/Folders and other tools for asset organization has become a pretty common request, and it’s made its way near the top of the feature backlog list.  I can’t give a specific date for release yet, but we know it’s important.


          As for a keyboard shortcut to adjust the playhead, I don’t think I’ve seen a request for that before which frankly shocks me.  Of course a keyboard shortcut is a good idea.  Right now, you can click on the time display and type in a time to jump to, but I can clearly see the value in being able to do this without leaving the keyboard.  I’ll enter a feature request into the backlog right now and add your comments.


          You can also submit feature requests directly to the product team by selecting Help > Send Feedback… in the Audition menu bar.


          Thanks again,


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            AndyB-LondonSecretAgency Level 1

            Amazing thanks D! I'll check out the feedback in the Audition Menu bar!

            Sorry I got whipped back into Dub before I finished the list. We've been adding to this over the last 7 months.


            We would love Audition to be our go-to asap but i'm the only one sticking with it here at the Agency at the moment. We met about it last week but other audio editors are sticking to doing full dubs in Premiere and Logic while some tools are still missing in AU. (But in a hilarious turn of events, they all have to content with "Core Pointer" Errors today).


            Here are the rest of the useful things we would love to see:

            GO TO TIME:                                    "+/- then timecode"

            TIMECODE DISPLAY OPTION:         HH.MM.SS.

            SPOT AUDIO                                     Select a clip and then "+/- timecode" to move a clip to exact timecode (spot effects and dialogue)

            DELETE GAP                                     Able to select a gap and ripple delete it

            NAV TOOL                                         Hold H or mod+space to turn into a hand to navigate the timeline

            EXPORT CLIPS FROM TIMELINE     Each clip separately exported from timeline with fades and effects but with the original filename.

            DUPLICATE SESSIONS                    Version the sessions inside one Audition project window: We have many client revisions and an ALT+D normally does it in premiere.


            As per NLE's we should be able to do a complete edit without using much mouse!