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    Searching through After Effects Help

    Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

      I've been meaning to ask this question for awhile:


      Am I an idiot or is there no way to search exclusively the After Effects help documentation?

      When i go to the AFter Effects help (F1)  there are two search field and regardless of which one I use

      It seems to search everything adobe rather than just the After Effects documentation.

      I get results for the documentation,  forum questions and other Adobe products ect...

      Do I just not know how to use the help or is this normal?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It's normal. Unfortunately Adobe doesn't really place much value on a classic help and always wants you to check "community resources" first these days. That and of course the site-wide search has been pretty crap like forever and rarely ever turns up what one is actually looking for...



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            Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee

            After you press F1 and land on the Adobe Effects Help page, you can enter your search term(s), do the search, and then on the results page select "Support" to filter only the Adobe support documentation and tutorials. You can also filter on product(s). Does this help?


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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              did not know that thank you

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                Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                Thanks Stefan,

                It helps a little bit actually.  Problem is After Effects is not listed as one of the "product filters" (only photoshop, coldfusion acrobat & and dreamweaver) and the search field for  "product lookup"  seems not to do anything at all.



                I found if I select "All Adobe",   rather than "Support & Community" and then "Support",  in the menu above the products then After Effects shows up AND the product search functions.


                We need documentation for the documentation.  But we'd likely need documentation for that as well.


                Regardless, my life has been made just a little bit easier.  Thanks again Stefan.