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    Unable to open Canon 1DX Mark II Raw files in Photoshop CC [duplicate thread: locked]


      I sent a letter in this morning and am not sure where I have to go to nto see if there is any help. It is extremely urgent as I am off on a month long photographic safarin into central africa and have a huge problem.


      this is what is wrong. I have a new Canon 1DX Mark 11 and shoot in camera RAW. When  I download photos from my menory card into CC I am advised the following. COULD NOT COMPLETE THE COMMAND BECAUSE THE FILE APPEARS TO BE FROM A CAMERA MODEL WHICH IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THE INSTALLED VERSION OF CAMERA  RAW.


      Going to the web I am given a list of all the cameras available and  my camera needs Adobe camera 9.6. I have this download on my laptop, and it will not work. Going tomthe UPDATE seevction in the Photoshop interface Photoshop CC has me being up to date in ertthing.

      Can someone please help. My email address is [personal information removed by moderator] Please help me.






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