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    using lingo for returing cue points of a sound

    mohsena Level 1
      Hello all

      for returning a list of cue point of a sound ,it is written in the book that we should use the following lingo
      put the cuePointNames of member "mySound"
      realy I have a sound member which have cue points ,but I don't know where to use this lingo ,and where I will see the result
      thank you very much for your attention ,sincerely yours Mohsen
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          Level 7
          A "put" statement will place the result of the statement into the bottom
          half of the message window. You can open the message window from the
          Windows menu. In the top half of the message window you can type any
          single line function call or command and see the result in the bottom
          half. You can also use the put command from anywhere in your movie to
          see the result. This is an extremely useful debugging tool. You can find
          more on the message window and its uses in the online help.

          Once you have a list of the cuePointNames you can use them to test the
          sound file that you are currently playing. You can use the
          isPastCuePoint() function. Look at the syntax for that function in the
          online help.

          It is far simpler to use the sound channel property, elapsedTime. Look
          at the online help information for Sound Channel to find more
          information on controlling and monitoring sound playback.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert