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    Is Character Animator ignoring my extra processing power? Live animation is ultra-sluggish with Photoshop puppets.

    jamesgarlearnin Level 1

      I'm on a 27inch iMac, latest OS (10.10.5) with a 1TB SSD, 16GBs of RAM and a quadcore 3.4GHz Intel Core i7. This computer tears through HD video rendering and complex After Effects projects. The same is not true with Character Animator. While I have got Character Animator working pretty smoothly with complex puppets that I made in Illustrator, the opposite is happening with those puppets I create in Photoshop. By the time I add behaviors and bones, the puppet is slogging about on the screen, only able to do one mouth position every two seconds. It is a terrible experience. Looking at my activity monitor, I notice that unlike Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects, Character Animator is hardly taking advantage of my computer's resources. FCP and AE will traditionally use up to %700 of my CPU (I know that sounds weird but that's how Apple does it), while Character Animator will never use more that %130. It also doesn't demand more than 4GB of RAM.


      Is this an issue with the Preview version, just not taking advantage of the extra processing power? Is there anyway to unleash these puppets I worked so hard to create. Because right now they are unusable.