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    Deleting corrupt version of Lr 6 and reloading a new copy


      I purchased Lightroom 6 on-line in May 2015 as an update for my Lightroom 5
      for which I had purchased a disk.  On 27th July I downloaded what I thought was
      an update but now think was a complete program. Since then I get a message “the
      Lightroom catalog cannot be opened because another application already has it
      open”. The program file indicates the creation of the file as 2nd May 2015 and
      then modified 27 July 2016. The Forum suggestion was to delete the Ircat.lock on
      the last backup. This worked for a short while but no longer works.


      I fell I have a few ideas to resolve this problem:-


      1 To delete Lightroom 6 and then reload it using the same “key” I was given
      when I purchased it. This I would hope will pick-up the last catalog back-up and
      carry on where I left off.


      2. To delete Lightroom 6 and then use my disk to re-load Lightroom 5. If I
      did this would it accept catalogs produced by Lightroom 6?


      3  To abandon Lightroom and move to Photoshop Elements 13, which I also
      have, but only use occasionally as I prefer Lightroom for most of my work.


      Your help would be much appreciated.