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    Adobe Animate ~ Pen trouble



      Shortly - I haven't been using Adobe Animate for some time and today - I finally decided to make something.

      Unfortunately, program refused to work.

      More precisely - when I try to "draw" anything with my MOUSE - everything is fine. But, when I try to draw something with my graphic tablet - my work space goes on the bottom of the screen - It goes so much down, that I can't reach it without replacing with mouse.

      Further - Everything I do with my pen is read by program as a right click of mouse (instead of left click).

      I try to draw - here comes a window of additional options(Same as that one, which appear when left clicking, using mouse); I try to change my tool - here comes a window of additional options; I try to move my work space - here comes a window of additional options   etc.

      It makes drawing totally impossible.

      What is interesting - Same thing is happening when I try to use Adobe Flash CS6, BUT it is not happening while using f.e. SAI Paint Tool, or any other non-Adobe Program


      This is REALLY strange and I've never seen it before. Maybe you have any idea what can it be?

      If you need any additional information, or even video - just write to me.