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    First time using PGB - app never builds, constant file plugin error

    eyepoker Level 1

      Hello - I'm trying to build for the first time and a lot of plugins are giving errors. I'm commenting them out one at a time from the config XML and one of the culprits is the file plugin which I need to use. The other one is the network plugin which also gives errors. The errors state that they are not compatible with CLI 6.3.0


      I realize it is up to the plugin developer to make it compatible - is there something somewhere that shows what versions of plugins are compatible with what versions of PGB? How do i know what previous version of PGB is compatible with anything?


      Also, and this might be relevant to the issue - when i look at PGB to see what versions I'm building for, I see this that apparently I'm targeting iOS4.2?




      In my XML I'm trying to deploy to iOS 9 but the value in PGB doesnt change from v 4.2


      <preference name="deployment-target" value="9.0" />


      TIA for any suggestions!