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    update composition used in multiple projects


      I have a 5 second composition that is used in 10 different AE projects.

      How do I update the composition without opening each AE project file?

      Do I have to change the composition and then re-import it into each AE project file?

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          I believe the short answer is there is No way for you to update a composition without opening each project file and replace the composition manually.


          my workflow would be this:

          1. open a project and reduce project of that composition

          2. make the change and save the file as just this composition project file

          3. open a project file and import the composition, and in the project window drag with ALT key pressed the new comp on top of the old comp.

          4. repeat step 3 x 9 times


          if you need to setup a situation in the future when you know you need a dynamic change in a composition inside, and don't want to use the method above, you can use a rendered video file in those projects, and use a project for just that composition and render to a folder that each project takes this footage from.