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    Duplicate sections throughout TOC after generating multiscreen HTML5 output


      Using: RoboHelp 10, version


      Steps to reproduce issue:

      1. Click File > Generate > Primary Layout (Multiscreen_HTML5)

      2. In Generate window click [Save and Generate]

      3. Wait

      4. Click [View Results]

      5. Results show entire sections of the TOC duplicated in other sections.  Its taking 10 plus times to repeat the generation before all of the TOC items are correct and I can publish.  It's not stopping me from getting the job done, but it's certainly a time killer. 


      Background: I inherited a working version.  I did not create it.  I have more than basic knowledge of HTML, but I'm not a developer.  I do not have the option to upgrade beyond RH10.  I have researched this multiple times, but have not been able to find any fix.  The only other thing I have seen occasionally are error messages related to toctree.js file, but I don't always get those.  Even when I don't, this still happening, but I have included that error just in case it may be related, although I suspect it is a separate issue.  I don't currently have the corresponding line in the js file because this sample is old and I haven't seen the issue in at least a month.


      Other Notes:  I've seen some posts about a similar issue in the printed version but, I am not doing a printed version.  I don't know if that makes any difference, nor do I know if anyone in the past set that up or even where to go to look.