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    Setting basic motion parameter values

    Kelly Anderson

      Hi Bruce,


      I'm trying to set basic motion parameters of a clip that's in my sequence.


      i'm able to get values of scale, position and rotation, but not set them.  I'm sure I just have the api call messed up.


      Here's what I have so far....


      qe = app.enableQE();

      var qep = qe.project;

      //get active sequence

      var activeSeq = qep.getActiveSequence();

      //get video layer 2

      var track = activeSeq.getVideoTrackAt(1);

      //get clip item on video layer 2

      var clipItem = track.getItemAt(0);


      //get basic motion components

      var motionComponents = clipItem.getComponentAt(1);

      //get basic motion components array

      var motionList = motionComponents.getParamList();

      //get scale value

      var scaleValue = motionComponents.getParamValue("Position");

      var positionValue = motionComponents.getParamValue("Scale");

      var rotationValue = motionComponents.getParamValue("Rotation");



      var scaleResult = motionComponents.setParamValue("Scale", 50);

      var positionResult = motionComponents.setParamValue("Position", 850.00, 360.00);

      var rotationResult = motionComponents.setParamValue("Rotation", 14.0);