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    Search Engine Optimization for Responsive HTML Output

    joses31297381 Level 1

      We are currently trying to get higher google rankings to bring more customers to our site (as I'm sure all web developers want). We've generated a user guide using the responsive HTML5 output. After checking our Google analytics the site crawlers are not indexing the pages at all. We have nearly 300 topics and only the main index.html page is being indexed. We have tried generating the sitemap.xml using the option within the responsive HTML5 settings and then uploaded the file to google site maps but it still skipped over all of the topics. Google won't craw the frames and therefore won't index the site.


      We've even tried updating the generated sitemap.xml by using the direct path to the article (i.e. https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/guide/Articles/Annotating_and_Commenting_PDFs/Annota ting_and_Commenting_PDFs.html ) instead of the one using the index page with a variable and still no luck. On the google website resources, if you go to ‘Fetch as Google’ under crawl, when using the direct path to the article, it results in a redirect. Using the URL in the file generated by Robohelp with the index page just indexes index.html.


      Can someone please let us know how we can generated our guide in a way that can be indexed by Google's site crawlers.