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    Two questions

    mikiM Level 1

      Not sure if this is just a beta issue or I'm missing something but whenever I modify a file in order to recompile I have to RMC on the application file and select Set as Default Application, otherwise the changes are saved but no compilation is triggered.

      Second, I have a few projects set up with all kinds of examples. Some of them have errors, which I was not able to figure out. The issue I have is that all the errors still show up in the problems window. Is it possible to set it up so the problems window shows only the issues for the current project?

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          For the first issue, no, you should not have to right=click > Set as Default
          Application every single time. Not sure why that is happening to you.

          For the second issue, yes, you can set it up to only show issues for the
          current project. Click the small down-triangle in the upper right corner of
          the Problems view (the local menu); then pick Filters; then pick the radio
          button that says "On any resource in same project."

          Mike Morearty
          Developer, Flex Builder team