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    Browser limitations on phone


      Hi, I'm using Phonegap to build an Android app using html, css and js. Now when I test the app on my desktop using PhoneGap desktop, depending on which browser I use I may see a difference in the behaviour in the app depending on browser quirks e.g. IE 8 does not support IndexedDB so if I test the app in IE 8, the app won't work in that browser as the app relies on IndexedDB.


      So, when I bundle up the app to create an apk for installation, what browser does it use on the phone the app is installed on?


      I'm guessing (and hoping) that the app isn't tied to a browser as such and in the bundling up of the app into an apk any browser specific issues are handled?


      So, what I'm asking is do I need to worry about what browser and version the end user is using on their phone or not?




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          surajpindoria Adobe Employee

          PhoneGap will use a native webview for the operating system that it is running on. As you have discovered with desktop browsers, this same issue can exist in Android due to the wide range of OS versions people have installed. But there are ways around this, specifically using Crosswalk. This will bundle up the latest webview using Google Chromium and provide you with a consistent experience across Android versions.


          The Crosswalk Project