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    Pictures fail to load

    ChicoDug Level 1

      This is a screenshot from my iPad Pro. On a recent trip I decided to download my Nikon D7000 raw images each night to the iPad, and import them into LR mobile so I could organize, cull, and edit them while on the road. This worked real well for about 500 pictures, then I started having some images "falling to load". I can't so anything with these images, pretty well negatng the benefits of LR mobile.  By the end of the trip I had 1208 images in LR Mobile.  The latest images all load, but a good percent of the earlier picturess won't load.  Some take a long time, and eventually do load, some never load.  Is there a solution to this out there". The images are all still in the iPad's image library, so I haven't lost anything.