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    GTX1080 and CUDA unsupoorted




      I just recently purchased the GTX1080 video card.  Plugged it in and installed the drivers... Went into Adobe AE and discovered that CUDA is unsupported...  What am I suppose to do to fix this issue?  Any help would be awesome.



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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If I am not mistaken, up to recently the only AE function that used the GPU was ray-tracing.  When nVidia removed the Optix library in Maxwell that caused major problems for Adobe.  So AE ray-tracing is being de-emphasised in favor of another program that adobe is including in CC called Cinema 4D Lite.

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            optix wasn't removed from maxwell cards, that was misinformation from adobe staff in the forums. maxwell's new architecture required updated optix libraries, which the AE team finally did in AE 13.6. AE shifting to C4D was the reason why they neglected the optix update, rather than maxwell cards causing problems being the reason AE shifted to C4D, as you suggest.


            PixelPE, im not sure, but i think the same situation may have repeated with the pascal (gtx 1000) series cards. they probably require an optix update in AE to work with ray-tracing. adobe wants people to use C4D, so the optix update may not happen. you may want to ask on the AE forums as this forum is mostly premiere users. some people have gotten around the old optix library in AE with maxwell cards by updating the optix dll themselves, but im not sure if the same workaround works with pascal cards.

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Thank you Ronin for providing some facts.


              I can not easily test the 10 series for AE as I really am not familiar with it.  I do have a GTX 1060 and it does a wiz-bang job running my Premiere Pro BenchMark.  In the past I always upped the Memory Clock on my GPU's and got much improved performance.  With the 900 series this was impossible as when you ran any CUDA application (not only Premiere) they actually reduced the Memory Clock speed.  Now with the 10 series (at least my $250 EVGA 06G-P4-6163KR  GTX 1060) can be immensely overclocked and still is running cool.  See below for 96% GPU Load and only 74% TPD.  I am extremely happen with this and rate it a BEST BUY.

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                fredericalain Level 1

                see my post here (last part)

                basically if you want to use GPU in AE :

                - openGL will work

                - nvidia Optix (exclusive for the old ray-trace renderer) will NOT work by default. it need the brand new optix 4 library to support Pascal chip. you have to copy over the optix.1.dll and see if it works


                in Premiere, i think that now adobe switched to openCL instead of cuda...in both cases it will work. and now with Metal with latest macOS


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                  milkmade Level 1

                  Wait what?


                  Adobe switched to OpenCL for Premiere? I literally just bought a 1070 for Premiere.