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    Auto Synchronize TOC

    whitaks Level 1
      I'm using RoboHelp X5 and for some reason my TOC is not synchronizing with the topic selected. Can someone please tell me how to get this to work. TIA for all your help!

      Sherry Whitaker
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          Level 7
          Hi Sherry,

          You've posted this in the WinHelp forum, but I've only ever seen TOC
          Auto-Synchronization mentioned in relation to compiled CHM help or WebHelp. Can
          you please confirm your output type.


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            Duplicate post.
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              Tommy Simmons
              If you're generating WinHelp 2000, TOC auto-synchronization is enabled by default, but it only works to the extent that the topic is listed in the TOC. If you click on a link within your WinHelp 2000 file to a topic that does not have an entry in the TOC, "nothing" appears to happen, but as soon as you click a link to a topic that has a TOC entry, the TOC will auto-synchronize to the specific topic as soon as it appears in the topic pane. Of course, if you're generating some other kind of output within the RH for Word IDE, you'll need to check the appropriate setting in the Properties dialog for the layout you've selected (WebHelp: third screen; HTML Help: final screen, Advanced button - Tri-Pane tab; FlashHelp: third screen).