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    Lightroom import target folder missing check boxes

    dhajduch Level 1



      I bought latest LR 6.6.1 for my PC with Windows 10 x64, because I changed my gear and previous version (LR 5) doesn't support it. New version looks fine but I found an issue with the import. Usually you get the check boxes next to the target folder where the photos will be imported. If target directory already exist with some photos you will see how many photos will be imported there and duplicates are deselected. But in latest LR 6.6.1 I didn't get them, or I can get them but only after switching to some other application and then back to the LR with ALT+TAB. To be sure about what kind of check boxes I'm talking about here is a screen shot:

      Lightroom Import checkboxes_cr.jpg

      And as soon as I click on any of the check box, all of them disappears and the only way to get them back is to switch to some other application and then back to LR. It looks to me like a problem with a redrawing or updating the component. Probably this can't be fixed by me, but I hope that you can fix it in next version because it is quite annoying, or is there anything I can do to fix this?