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    Adobe Premier Elements 12 - Movie Menu new problem.


      I'm new to forum and not quite sure how it works, except maybe I get an email advising theres an answer waiting?


      When I've finished creating the movie timeline and then go to 'Publish+Share, then click on Disc (Burn DVD) to create DVD's,

      I now get (without asking) a screen open up which says 'Choose a Menu Theme' which i don't want.

      I have tried unsuccessfuly to get rid of this. amd even when I can get it not to appear, it still appears as burned on the DVD.

      I've tried also going into the 'Tools' then Movie Menu which brings up exactly the same screen box.

      Can anyone help with this problem as I don't want a 'MenuTheme' as I create/use title and end pages.

      I'd really appreciate any help, as have had joy at Adobe chat who say they no longer offer support for this version.

      thank you.


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