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    Action or Javascript to set a group of PDFs to open print dialog automatically

    HeulwenM Level 1

      For an individual PDF I can configure it to open the print dialog when it opens.


      For instance in Acrobat DC I can go to:

      Page Thumbnails > select all pages and then go to 'Page Properties'. Under Page Properties you can go to Action > Page Open > Execute a menu item (File>Print). Alternatively I can execute a document level javascript such as:



      However I have a lot of PDFs that I want to set to open the print dialog automatically.


      Ideally I want to run something that automatically updates all the PDFs in a folder with the above settings to open the print dialog automatically. Ideally I'd use an Acrobat Action but I can't see how to set it up to do what I want. Does anyone know how to do this?


      Many thanks, HJ.