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    Accessing my CC images via LR on a second computer


      I have just subscribed to LR on my desktop (imac with el capitan) and some of my images are saved onto the CC.  I have now installed LR on a second computer (macbook pro with el capitan) and just simply want to access my images on the CC so I can carry on editing them while away from my desktop. (I've managed this on my iphone so the images are out there!) Having logged into my adobe account on the second computer and having opened LR I had assumed my CC files would just be sitting there waiting for me to access. But they're not and I can't work out how to get to them. Please can someone tell me what I need to do?


      I can't believe how hard this is proving to be! I think what I'm trying to do is very simple and must be something many many people require of LR too.  Without this, my subscription is pretty well useless to me.