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    Presenter logic for naming sound files

    kornieme Level 1

      Can someone tell me if there is any logic on how Presenter names the sound files to recordings?


      We have had so many issues lately with Presenter working properly we want to only use it to record presentations since the interface is easy for our Presenters to use. We will use Captivate for editing and publishing the final product. I know we need to import the sound files to each slide but we are hoping to discover how Presenter names the files to make it easier than listening to each slide and renaming the sound files to each one in order to import to the appropriate slide. Our presenters will not be able to figure out nor have the patience for Captivate recording the slides, so that is not an option.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I have worked with Adobe Presenter since 2006 and never found any clear logic behind the naming convention of the audio files.


          I would recommend using a dedicated audio recording application since it will allow you to name the files logically and give far more control over the recording settings. Applications like Audacity are free, and there is a very large range of options up to something like Adobe Audition (which is overkill in this scenario).