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    Disappearing Signatures


      During the process of filling out SAAR (system account request) forms, we have a subset of users that do not have CAC's to perform digital signing but instead have been using the built-in Adobe digital signature feature.  Once we receive the forms back from them, as soon as we 'Enable All Features' to digitally sign another field, all previously signed signatures are erased, both those signed via the CACs as well as those via Adobe signature.  As a result, we are unable to complete the signature chain.


      CAC-signing nodes are running Acrobat Reader DC (2015.016.20039) on Windows 7 using ActivClient  Nodes performing standard digital signatures are running Acrobat Pro DC (2015.017.20053) on MacOS 10.11.6.


      In January, the same form worked fine. 


      Has anyone else experienced similar, and if so, what was the trick to fix it?


      Thank you,