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    Highlighting Tool


      The tool used to highlight text was changed in a recent update.   It was changed from a long thin line with a circle at the bottom to a circle that is close to the text.   This makes it difficult to highlight.  The new circular tool being  close to the text means I am having to drag the tool across the text causing my fingers to cover what I am trying to highlighting.  


      Is there a way to change this new highlighting tool?  

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi kayk95580445  ,


          Could you please tell what Android Device do you have?

          What version of Acrobat Reader do you have?


          Would it be possible to post a screenshot here?


          Thank You!


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            KhanMehwish Adobe Employee

            Hi kayk95580445 ,


            It seems you are talking about the text selection grabbers which are used to adjust the text which is to be highlighted. These were recently changed to increase the precision while selecting text. We have noted down your issue and shall try to fix it soon. As a workaround, you can highlight using the 'Highlight' tool in the Comment Tool bottom bar.


            1. Tap anywhere in the PDF to reopen the menus if they are hidden.
            2. Tap Comment menu icon
            3. Tap the second action icon in the comment menu.


            4. Drag over the text to highlight.


            Please let us know if this doesn't solve your issue.



            Adobe Acrobat Team