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    Strange issue across CC apps on Windows 10


      Hi folks,


      I've tried to search to find an answer to this but no luck so far.   Hoping someone can help as it's driving me crazy!


      I recently upgraded to Creative Cloud and have this installed on two systems (as allowed!)   I have it on my work system which is a Mac - here it runs fine! - and also on my PC at home.


      My PC actually failed last week but I'm getting exactly the same symptoms on the new PC.   Here's roughly what happens:


      • Apps load fine without an issue;
      • On opening a file (any file, I've tried numerous), things begin to go wrong
      • I'm unable to use keyboard shortcuts - such as holding down space to activate the 'hand' tool.  
      • I'm unable to move panels (such as the layers panel) around the screen - these seem 'frozen' though I can use them to change settings, just not reposition them.
      • I'm unable to click and drag 'handles' to resize documents / elements within the documents. This is the main killer, I can live with the other bugs.   For example, to change a placed element in InDesign, I need to use the tools in the top bar rather than click and drag to resize.


      This happens both with existing documents and new files too.   It seems to affect Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign - I don't really use any other apps other than Premiere Pro and Media Encoder, both of which work fine.


      As mentioned above, this caused an issue on my old PC and my new system too!   So there's obviously an underlying compatibility problem somewhere.   Here's some info on my new PC:

      • Running Windows 10 Pro
      • i7-6700 CPU, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 950 graphics (dual monitor setup)
      • This is a completely new system so there are no shared components (other than the external hard drive that stores my work)


      I've tried disabling GPU acceleration within the apps but this doesn't make any difference.   Given I've encountered these problems on two separate systems, I'm guessing there must be some software that may be causing this?   Any ideas where to start on diagnosing this?   I'm wondering if there is a problem with the NVIDIA GeForce software (this was installed on the last PC too).   I don't want to start haphazardly uninstalling software though if it won't fix the problem.


      Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can help.





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          ajw83 Level 1

          I should have said - all CC apps are up-to-date as is Windows 10 and other apps installed.   From memory, here are the apps that were installed on the old PC that are also present on the new PC:

          • Google Drive
          • Google Chrome
          • GeForce Experience / NVIDIA drivers, etc.
          • Synergy Pro
          • Spyder4pro software (colour calibration software)
          • Backblaze
          • Microsoft Office 365




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            ajw83 Level 1

            So, after much experimenting, I've managed to resolve this. I thought I should post on the off-chance that someone else out there is encountering similar issues.   Rather than wipe the system and start again, I uninstalled what I thought might be the likely suspects. I then tested and the apps were working fine. I've since re-installed each one at a time and the source seems to be one of the NVidia apps.   These were what I had installed from Nvidia:

            • Nvidia GeForce Experience
            • Nvidia Graphics Driver
            • Nvidia 3D Vision Driver
            • Nvidia 3D Vision Controller Driver
            • NVidia PhysX System Software
            • Plus Vulkan Run Time Libraries (that I believe are related to Nvidia drivers after a bit of Googling)


            I'm not sure which was causing the issue but one of them was!   The driver re-installs itself after a system re-boot so you won't lose out on having having a dodgy Windows driver installed and screen resolutions work just fine after the restart. More importantly, the Creative Cloud apps work too.


            Hope this might help someone who is having similar issues.





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              ajw83 Level 1

              Unfortunately this was a short lived fix. At some point, Windows 10 has updated the graphics drivers and the problem has reappeared. There is obviously one of the older Nvidia drivers in which this isn't a problem, but with the latest ones, I'm back to square one.


              Really not sure if this is something I should take up with Adobe OR with Nvidia - but either way, I'm a bit frustrated!


              I'm downloading all archived drivers from Nvidia now and will test these to see if I can resolve. The only other solution I can think of is to purchase a non-Nvidia graphics card and swap that out.




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                ajw83 Level 1

                OK - problem has been located. The fault doesn't lie with Nvidia (sorry Nvidia!) The issue was actually caused by Synergy - this is software to share the mouse/keyboard of a computer between multiple computers. Interestingly, though, it only seems to be an issue with dedicated Nvidia graphics cards (that is, it doesn't cause an issue on integrated Intel chipsets, nor on Nvidia Mobile chips either!)


                Issue has been reported to Synergy.