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    Disable "track changes" not working in Indesign CC


      EVERYTHING is highlighted as a change. I have turned off "Track Changes" in preferences. I unchecked all of the boxes that have anything to do with it. I still see ALL TEXT highlighted in the cyan color with a blue change bar on the left of each line. EVERYTHING is highlighted as a change. I tried turning off Track Changes under "Editorial > Track Changes" dialog as well...but it wasn't turned on. EVERY document that I have been working on now has this issue. VERY annoying. I have to switch to Preview screen mode to do everything so I won't see the whole document covered in cyan highlighting. I also tried to play along and just "accept changes" for all text boxes. Nope. The checkmark "accept changes" button is grayed out. Anyone else having this issue? Am I missing something simple??


      InDesign CC

      2015.4 Release x64 Build


      Thanks in advance for any assistance!