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    Apps for iOS not working after cli 6.3.0 update


      After the August 3rd update when the Build Service updated to cli 6.3.0 my apps haven't been working for iOS, I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2 and an iPad running iOS 9.3.3. After the build service update, no matter if I specify a lower cli version, on the iPhone it asks for a newer software when I try to install from iTunes, but both the iPhone and iTunes are running on the latest version. On the iPad it does install, but the app's icon doesn't appear on the iPad so I can't access to the application.


      Is anyone else having a similar problem? I tried to look for documentation but didn't find any significant syntax change that could cause the problem. I even made a rollback on my code (I had an old version of the app compiled and it did work, so I did a rollback to that date on my code)  and it's not yet working.