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    [PE14]: Auto close gaps on trim or delete



      I'm using PE14 under Windows 10.

      Since today, the gap between two clips in the expert view doesn't close automatically anymore - if I delete a clip or trim a clip from left or right.

      I'm quite sure, that this was the behavior of PE for years - so, how can I re-enable this?


      Thanks :-)


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's not possible to turn off auto ripple in Premiere Elements, so the timeline still behaves the same as ever, Konrad.


          How are you deleting a clip? Are you using a keyboard shortcut or right-clicking and selecting a Delete option?


          Is there video or audio on any other track? Remember that removing the video will not leave a true gap in the timeline unless there is no other video or audio filling the gap on a parallel track.


          Finally note that in version 14 deleting will only fill the gap on Video 1/Audio 1. Removing video from an upper track may not trigger a ripple.

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            konrad79 Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            thank you for your help - the last point nailed it exactly: Didn't know, that there is a difference between Video1/2/3/... It was pure coincidence, that I used Video1 all the years (and randomly dragged the videos on Video2 this week) :-)