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    Trouble with text flow between pages

    E Allen Level 1

      I've increased a document size from 5 x 7 to 5.5 x 8.5. So far all my chapters, etc. are formatting just fine-- with a little nip and tuck here and there.

      But I've run into one document which will not format properly. The text will not flow from page to page and I cannot find a reason. There seems to be 'something' on the page, but I can't find it anywhere anyhow.

      I'm including a screen clip:

      Indesign snip.JPG

      The text frames appear properly linked. At the end of page 1 ("hunched-over man") there are no hidden characters, however, at the beginning of page 2, ("with a gray...") there appears to be a blue '#'.


      I have no idea how I did it at this point-- I've been 'pushing buttons' all over the place trying everything-- but at one point the overflow text indicator showed up at the end of page one. When I clicked (or whatever, I really mean I have no idea what I did when anymore), I did get a loaded cursor with the page 2 text. I could not place it on page one without it automatically creating what appeared to be an addition text frame. I managed to move it off document over to the left of the page-- and the linked lines included it-- but I couldn't get it to flow.


      I'm a sub-level novice at all this (does it show?) and I could really use help here.


      Thanks in advance!