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    Resize application window to fit screen feature - issue?

    ti.s.cavalcanti Level 1

      I know this may sound a little geek,

      but I wanted to know why the function of the shortcut is irregular:

      Resize application window or floating window to fit screen. (Press again to resize window so that contents fill the screen.)

      Ctrl+\ (backslash)

      Command+\ (backslash)

      1. Window Resized to fit screen - function activated via the shortcut Ctrl+\

      Screenshot (1).png


      2. Window isn't Resized to fit screen - function is sub-deactivated by have minimized the window

      (The title bar remains hidden,

      but the right side is left over a vertical space,

      where the software does not fit on screen completely.)

      Screenshot (2).png


      I want to know why this happens,

      at least on Windows is... (yes, I use Windows 10)

      It would be on purpose?

      some feature to help with something,

      for when the user returns minimizing the window?


      I wanted to keep the window completely fit screen always,

      even when minimized and back to the Software;

      I need more space on the screen,

      in the vertical direction mainly (bacause I have a monitor UltraWide Screen 2560x1080),

      To preview the video is better,

      because reach 50% of the preview screen,


      In contrast, if the title bar being shown (that is, without use shrotcut),

      lose a small percentage.

      I want the more quantity of space possible.


      I'm tired of getting retracing the shortcut every time that I switch a task.