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    printing stage

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      Does anyone know if it is possible to print the stage?

      More info

      On the stage there are several editable textfield, wich
      has to be filled in. Then i want to have an print of the
      stage with the filled in fields.

      Who has this done earlier, or can give me some suggestions?
      to fix this.

      I have the lite version of printOmatic, does someone know of
      the full version can handle this, waiting on info from electronic ink.

      Or is this to do also using lingo



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          Level 7
          Any of the direct stage printing functions are going to print a 75dpi
          screen grab image of the stage. To get acceptable type quality one
          should recompose a printable version of the text, one could consider
          consolidating all the fields into a single field member (not text) that
          printomatic light prints out, or use the full printomatic page
          composition functions to layout a reproduction of the screen field by