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    CS4 Crash, Properties panel unresponsive

    seand03 Level 2
      Recently I had issue with Flash CS4 crashing repeatedly. Also the application would have trouble using the text tool to create TextFields it would not update the properties panel (Ctrl+F3) when switching between field types (dynamic, static and input). Also the properties panel would not update when selecting other items in the FLA file and just remain as the TextField details.
      A co-worker found that the issue was with the fonts on our systems. It appears some where corrupt and this was wreaking havoc with Flash CS4. We tried turning off the preview but that did not work. What did work was removing the corrupt fonts on our systems.
      First we had to find out which fonts were corrupt which can be done with FontAgentPro from Insider Software (www.insidersoftware.com). (Compatible with Mac OSX, XP and Vista)
      We installed the trial and tried to run an import which told us which fonts were corrupt. Once we knew which fonts were corrupt we just deleted/removed them from our Font folder. Note FontAgentPro crashed when we deleted/removed the fonts with it open; so we had to make a list of the fonts and close FontAgentPro.
      Once the bad fonts were gone we were able to open and run Flash CS4 without it crashing or the properties panel from hanging or becoming unresponsive.
      We hope this helps other who are experiencing similar issues.
      On fresh Vista install Calibri, Cambria and Constantia fonts were all seen as corrupt. Not sure if this happened due to font installs we made, vista install bad (which runs very stable) or if Vista fonts are a different creature than previous window OT and TTF fonts.