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    Image Buttons linked to Hidden Scripts

    abdab35 Level 1
      I have created an HTML Help control shortcut to lauch an exe file, which is working fine.

      However I dont like the square text button and even when you select an image to use Robohelp still presents this image in a grey square!!!

      Is there a way to link my existing image buttons (which I am happy with), with the script that works within the HTML Help control shortcut ?

      Many Thanks
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi Abdab35,

          Have you tried adding the .bmp file that you have used within your script to the baggage folder? then recompile.

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            abdab35 Level 1
            The image is being displayed, but its got the nasty sqaure box around it. The image buttons i am using throughout the help are circular, so it really does look rubbish. The other image buttons also have script so they change on hover and click.

            I simple want to use the existing buttons but to use the script from the HTML Help control shortcut?
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              CraigCC Level 2
              Have you converted the buttons to .bmp format for use within the shortcut control?
              Sorry, not to sure what you are trying to achieve here. can you run throug the steps you took to add the shortcut control and give some detail of the image type you are using?

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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi all

                Craig, I think what abdab35 may be looking for is using the controls as I like to use them. I don't like using the default button or even superimposing another button as the dialog allows. So if my hunch is correct, here is how you would achieve it.

                1. When you insert the control, select the option titled "Hidden for scripts". It doesn't really matter where the control is placed when you do this. I tend to group all mine at the bottom of the topic.

                2. After you have inserted your hidden control, hover it to see what the actual NAME is. As you insert each control, a unique name is assigned. For a shortcut control, the name is usually "shortcut". I'm pulling directly from memory here. Just note that it could be named shortcut, Shortcut or SHORTCUT and each is different from the JavaScript perspective. If there is more than a single control on the page, it will be named Object1 (or Object2 or 3 or 4...) OR OBJECT1 (or OBJECT2 or 3 oR 4...) depending on whether the control was copied and pasted or inserted via the menus.

                3. Now that the hidden control is inserted and you know what its name is, it's time to link that puppy up. So you insert your iimage as an image on the page. This is the button image you are wanting to use. Then select it and click the Hyperlink toolbar button. Now normally you would select another topic here. But you are interested in linking to the control. So instead of the link looking like SomeTopic.htm, it will look like this: JavaScript:Shortcut.Click();. Remember, you may need to make it say JavaScript BJECT1.Click() or JavaScript bject1,Click() depending on what the actual name is.

                *NOTE: I revised this post to add step 3 as attached code because the forum seems to want to make smileys of some of it

                Hopefully this helps... Rick
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                  abdab35 Level 1
                  ah ha...

                  Easy really, all working even the different hover and clicked images.

                  Thanks very much
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                    abdab35 Level 1
                    The program that this script is opening is full screen, as required, however the help window is set to always be on top.

                    Is there some additional script that can be added to minimise help after the link has been clicked?

                    Many Thanks