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    Strange InDesign color problem on new iMac Retina 27 inch

    Frostfrog Level 1

      My old iMac 27 suddenly went down on me and I replaced it with the new iMac 27 Retina.


      Now I am experiencing the strangest kind of color problem I have ever encountered, but so far only InDesign. I have not seen it in Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, online or in anything else with images.


      Sometimes, the images on InDesign look exactly as they should. Sometimes, the very same images look flat and washed out. Other times, super saturated.


      The same image can look flat and washed out, then switch right before my eyes to super saturated! Later it might well go flat again. Then next time I scroll through, look just right... and on and on...


      Theoretically, this should not affect my final print product - the same images look just the way they are supposed to when opened from InDesign into Photoshop, but it is really aggravating and annoying. I would like my InDesign product to look onscreen as close to what it will in their real print job as possible, even if the only place it really counts is how it looks in Photoshop.


      Does anybody know what is going on? Is there anything I can do about it?


      Thank you!