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    Lightroom export to Photoshop does not work anymore


      Hi there,


      I am using Lightroom 6.6. (paid version) and Photoshop CS6. Normally I do all the raw development in Lightroom and use the export Funktion (CMD+E) to export the photo to Photoshop and do some other stuff there. 


      Until 4 weeks ago this worked fine but now this Export-Function does not work anymore. When using CMD + E or the dialog "edit in photoshop" - Photoshop opens but no photo is transferred.


      I also tried to update Photoshop CS6 because CreativeCloud tells me there is an update. This update produces an error including a log file and cannot be finished.


      Any ideas how to solve the problem and get the export function between Lightroom and Photoshop working again?