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      So - I followed the video via Youtube - which was EXCELLENT! - but the problem I'm encountering now is with the eyelid. My If I move my eyelid out of the +EYE GROUP my character's pupil is able to move - however, the eyelid is visible when my character blinks. When I move my eyelid into the +EYE group the eyelid disappears when the character blinks, but it moves with the pupil. Ugh. I just want it to disappear when the character blinks and NOT move with the pupil.




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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Yeah - so when you put a blink in an eye group, it means when it triggers it will hide all the other stuff in that same group, no matter what it is.


          It shouldn't move with the pupil though - is it possible it somehow got grouped with the pupil, or tagged that way? Or maybe tagged as an eyelid, which would means it moves with your own eyelids (which maybe you don't want in this case)?


          In the Wilk example you'll notice the Lids are inside the eye group, but then in their own separate "Lids" group inside there. If you follow that structure it should work...

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            Thank you!


            You are such a skilled and humble teacher - you've really helped me understand this program (I watched your Youtube vids) and navigate through it with ease.