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    Catalog directory shows 150 GB size, but takes up 1.44 TB on disk??


      I have been a lightroom user since 1.0. Over the last 7 years I generate four new catalogs per year. My primary storage device is a 16 TB Lacie 4Big Quadra RAID in RAID 5 configuration (parity). My Lacie has slowly filled up to absolutely full. I could never figure out why, even after I delete 40 or 50 GB at a time, in a few weeks, it's fill up again, even without me loading anything to the drive. I am yet again down to 9 GB free (out of 10.9 usable TB).


      I checked the properties for the lightroom catalogs directory and found something really weird. It says the size is 150 GB. But size on disk is 1.44 TB - roughly 10x larger.

      Lightroom directory size.jpg

      Now, as a RAID, it usually shows one third larger (due to parity storage). But 10x????


      What is going on here? I can't seem to isolate where these files are, if they are hidden files, cache, previews, etc.


      I use another disk as scratch disk.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance


      Brian Zinchuk