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    Compile/Build Issues on Flash 8 Pro

      If anyone could let me know if they have this same problem and if they know how to fix it, please let me know.

      I am having issues when building/publishing ".swf" files on Flash 8 Pro. I have a example.fla that I have made. It has vector graphics that are used for a skin on a gui. When I publish it, it has no compiling errors and gives me a completed .swf file (in Flash 6 format). Unfortunately the .swf file does not work. It has all of the component vector graphics as it should, but I get a black screen instead of a gui when I open it on a project.

      The main issue, is when this example.fla file is published from any other computer, it works 100% fine and has not problems. I do not understand why I have publishing problems with no errors when the final product does not work.

      We have tried compiling the exact same example.fla on another computer and it works fine. (runs on servers, guis, etc perfectly)
      We have matched all publish settings on the computers to try to get mine to work, and it still fails.
      We published other .fla files on my computer, and the same issue pursists. It seems that my Flash 8 doesn't publish right.
      We un-installed Flash 8 completely, then reinstalled it from the same CD and also the Adobe download, and it still does it.
      We had IT give me a new profile on my work computer to delete any previously saved settings and it still pursists.

      If anyone has any advice, it would be wonderful, otherwise we are going to reformat the hard-drive.