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    Message for regular contributors

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      Hi Fellow Forum Contributors,

      A recent post on the Director Basics forum asked about a sound issue and
      Lingo code was included in the message. The code looked very strange and
      this was found to be the result of an inaccurate translation when
      transferred to the NNTP server. This tends to happen with some code
      elements if posted under a Web forum user profile -
      webforumsuser@macromedia.com. It makes it difficult and frustrating to
      offer support to problems when you can't decipher the message.

      I've been talking to a couple of the regular contributors on the
      Director forums and we thought it would be worth sending a letter to
      Adobe to raise these problems and hopefully get something done to
      resolve them. If anyone is interested in having their name included in
      this letter or would like to contribute or make suggestions, please let
      me know.

      I can be contacted offlist at d.utian@unsw.edu.au


      Director Lecturer / Consultant