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    Problems after last update of Director+Flash Assets

      Hi All

      I posted a question a week or so back about major problems with an existing project after I updgraded with the last update. Aftre the update Flash buttons no longer fired events and runtime errors ocurred when you created 2 sprites from the same cast member etc etc.

      I took this up with Support and to my great surprise they didn't seem to know anything about it. After a few days I I recieved the following reply:

      You have basically updated to the new Flash Asset Xtra and all Flash component V2 will not work any longer. I can confirm the Flash asset Xtra for Flash 8 doesn't currently support Flash components.Unfortunately I don't have any info if this will be changed in the future as it looks it has been done on purpose.
      I believe its best option is to replace all components with standard buttons or if he has Flash he can create his own buttons or movie clips in there and bring them into Director

      This seems to suggest that they no longer support the Flash components that are shipped with Director. Great huh?

      I'd be interested to hear what you all think. I think it stinks - well that's the polite version!