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    How do I carry a 3D layered comp into another comp keeping it 3D?


      Hi All,


      Still learning this program, and I'm not even sure I have used the right subject name for what I am trying to do..


      I'm really stumped and I know there must be a simple fix to what I am trying to do.

      I have made up a comp with a 2D image into 3D space to give movement and then take that comp into another comp to add some animated text that I can move between the layers.( FYI I am using type monkey a third party app to do this and it creates its own camera etc) The problem I am having is when I bring the comp into the new comp it does not bring the 2d image in 3D so when I try to put text in between two layers it just goes behind the whole comp as if it were flat.


      The reason I have done it in a separate comp is that its an image of food that I have broken up but if I try scale or anything if I bring the 2D image layers into the text comp they scale but are now out of formation..


      Long story short, how can I make a 2d/3d image move as a unit in a comp when I move the image layers slightly apart along the Z axes?


      I hope this makes sense..


      Please Please help..!