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    Interpret footage   PE12



      I think the phrase is "interpret footage" when wishing to play 30FPS video on a PAL 25FPS system without loosing any frames, to remove the stutter. I appreciate it will be slightly slow motion, but can live with that. How and where will I find the "icon/phrase" within the menu

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Interpreting footage usually refers to changing non-square pixels to square pixels. You're looking for frame blending. You may also be re-conforming the video depending on the resolution of the video. Is this 1920x1080 video or 720x480?


          That said, I'd recommend against trying to use PAL video in an NTSC project. It may go, but it may not. If it does, it will work automatically -- but if it doesn't, there's no way to make it work. In any event, you WILL lose frames because the video will need to conform to the project settings, which are 25 fps.


          I'd recommend rather that you download the free program Handbrake and you use it to convert the video from 30 fps to 25 fps (Constant Frame Rate). This conversion may get rid of the stutter.


          Or it may not. Converting NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC can be one of the most difficult conversions to do smoothly.

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            Hi Steve


            Thank you so much for your help and the terminology correction, at least I now

            know what I am looking for.


            I tried the "Handbrake" software on three different video clips in an attempt to

            convert 30FPS to 25FPS. Once done and checked with properties it actually saved

            to 24FPS, rechecked I had ticked the appropriate 25FPS box, I had and it still

            saved at 24 FPS. When run it stuttered exactly the same as 30FPS video would

            when run on a PAL system.


            So at this moment in time it would appear that I/we have not progress at all,

            assuming that is that it is even achievable.


            I will leave the question posted for now in case anybody else has resolved the



            Many thanks again for your help



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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In which country do you live and what is the final destination of the video?


              Interpret footage meaning changing all kinds of parameters including framerate.

              But Elements cannot do that, its limited to the PAR.


              Check the settings in Handbrake as it does convert 30 fps to 25 fps and rather well.

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                Hi Ann   many thanks for your reply.


                I am UK based, working with the PAL 25FPS system but trying to use equipment

                aimed at the NTSC 30FPS system, a mobile as all mobiles are 30FPS,  mounted on a

                3 axis gimballed support. The video from this I would like to use within the Pal

                25FPS system re projectors etc without the stutter caused by the dropped frames,

                if possible. Editing software is PE12. Final destination is the European Pal 25

                FPS system. Can that be done?


                Loaded to PE software and run at 30FPS and saved at 30FPS is OK on the PC, until



                I have tried the handbrake software but that just drops the frames.



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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Projected as what?

                  I meant what is the final destination.

                  If its dvd leave it 30pfs. European dvd players have no issue with ntsc disks.

                  If its Youtube you can leave it also as 30fps.

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                    OK for club use we save the film as an MP4 to Blu-ray disc, (well the PE12

                    settings are MPEG - HDTV 1080i 25 High Quality) which is then played via the

                    club Blu-ray player to an HD quality projector onto at 18 feet x 10 feet screen,

                    at that size any slight imperfection really shows.


                    It seems to me once PE has been loaded with a 25FPS video clip, it then runs the

                    next say 30FPS video clip at 25 FPS, well it certainly stutters. I was hoping to

                    enable PE to run the 30FPS video reading each frame so that the 30 FPS would run

                    without stutter albeit slightly slow mo due to the extra frames involved


                    Just hope that makes sense



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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      MIght want to test this':

                      Does the BD player have usb if so put a mp4 with 30 fps on a usb flash drive and see if it will play?

                      Your projector does not care about framerate.

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                        Hi Ann


                        At well into my 70s perhaps I have not explained the problem well enough


                        The projection is not the problem, its the loading of the video from my Canon HF

                        G30 which is in 25fps format and then to add some video from my mobile (they

                        would not allow the use of the G30) into the same production. Mixing the two

                        different frame rates on the same time line


                        It appears as though the 25FPS video loads into my PE12 perfectly OK, its when I

                        load the mobile videos at 30 FPS that things start to go wrong. PE appears to

                        load the 30FPS video as 25FPS and drops every 6th frame which causes a stutter,

                        particularly on the end saved production. I was hoping to get PE12 to read every

                        frame of the 30FPS video without dropping any, so that each second of video

                        plays at 1 and 5/25ths of a second (30/25 = 1  1/5)  which would look slightly

                        slow motion but not stutter.


                        Is there a way I can say highlight a particular video clip on the PE12 timeline

                        and instruct PE at what frame rate to play/read it?


                        Thanks again for your patience on this



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                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I understand you perfectly.

                          Alas Elements is a consumer program and cannot do fancy stuff, like interpret the framerate.

                          Converting 30 frames to 25 has always been a pita even with prof. software.

                          I live in the Netherlands and I avoid 30 fps as the plague.

                          I am also a member of a video club and If I was compelled to use a mobile I would gracefully decline.

                          If you have a Gopro use that as you can set it to PAL.