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    Need action help for flash movie playing

      website I'm working on http://www.revolutionhairstudio.biz/revolution.html

      There's actually 3 things I need to get done on this site

      1) when the user clicks on staff, and then clicks say "Hali" to select a hair stylist, I used the action "on release, gotoandStop("home", 43),...in which case home is the main scene that I have and 42 would be where I want the movie specific for Hali to come up. But I need that movie to stay in the box that's in the home scene. It's not working. I have in frame 43 the movie positioned, just as I have all the movies for the other options (Home, Menu, Specials, etc...) in frams 38-42.

      When you click on Hali if gives a blank movie...I don't know why.

      2) When you click on staff again, it doesn't go back to the original staff selection. I need it to replay that movie.

      3) I don't have a clue how to get the contact thing to work...are there any good tutorials or steps I could use to have this basic information uploaded to the ASP server in Godaddy?

      Thanks so much, in advance!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          don't use scene info for navigation and don't use the goto function. use the goto method and frame labels. for example, if you have a frame labeled home_43, use:

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            RockoFaith Level 1
            this doesn't seem to be working. It's when I click on Hali's picture that I need it to go to her bio. I put her bio in the main scene, which I've labeled home...so I labeled the frame...but the button doesn't work. I'm not familiar with the _root function.

            How would I use this for hali's picture as a button, under staff?
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              You should get comfortable with a few things - and fast. Scenes are great from animation aspect but not as a website developement point of view. the idea is to be dynamic - the opposite of linear. Scenes are very linear, and now you want to 'jump' around to create the idea that your nav has brought up some new data. To ratify your situation, more easily:
              1. narrow your interface down to one scene
              2. next take all of your different sections (different scenes) and compress them down into different frames of a movieclip
              3. put a stop(); action on each frame of the movieclip
              4. give this movieclip an instance name of scenes_mc
              5. now click on all your buttons and give them instance names, button_1, button_2 and so on
              6. on the main timeline where they first appear place this script
              _root. scenes_mc.gotoAndStop(2);
              Now lets breakdown that script
              button_1 = is a reference to the button ou nameed 'button_1'
              onPress=function(){ = this says when the user presses the button perform what is between the curly braces
              _root = use this to refer to an object on the maintimeline (scene one!). this is soooooo important, although you could leave it out get used to targeting where a movieclip is located
              scenes_mc = is our movieclip with all the scenes
              gotoAndStop(2); = change the 2 in this to reflect the different frames of the content you are looking to 'select'. I would leave the first frame of scenes_mc by the way - so theres no content 'loaded' when you open to your site
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                RockoFaith Level 1
                At least, is there a way when everytime I click the staff button it starts that movie over again? Then I'll just put each staff member's profile within the staff movie instance, and they can click the staff button to go back to the beginning.

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                  >Vee< Level 1
                  Your not thinking of everything as seprate pieces/ or rather its not set up like that. I think because you see most of it finished looking you dont wanna make the adjustments, but believe me the sooner you make them, the better making changes in the future will be. I will break down the compnents as i see it.
                  backgroundAnimation_mc = starts in the second frame of your movie and can be targeted to replay anytime you want by using something like backgroundAnimation_mc.gotoAndPlay(2);
                  navigation_mc = has five buttons in it, this movie doesnt appear until the main animation is complete
                  content_mc = this starts with the copy welcome to revolutiuon.... everything that gets loaded shoulod appear here, another variation would be to make a separate content window for each button-not really necassary
                  dont put anything on the _root timeline thats not a movieclip - you will be wasting your time trying to target things and realizing (like your last question) that you cant have to things going on at once.

                  Basically if you want things to happen when a user requests it make your life easier and make separate mc's that you can target using Actionscript. Those main naav buttons should always do the same thing over and over, replay the backgroundAnimation and make the content_mc start at the beginning oif thier respective sections.
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                    RockoFaith Level 1
                    I'm sorry, but none of what your saying makes any sense to me. Do you know of a tutorial that describes what you're saying?
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                      >Vee< Level 1
                      go to the help menu and look up:
                      1. movieclips
                      2. _root
                      3. _parent
                      3. frame actions

                      These are all very basic but necassary to learn.