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    Complex Text Wrap Not Working Properly


      So I've been fiddling around with InDesign's text wrap and I came across this problem that I can't seem to solve for the life of me.  Basically, when I have the wrap set up like it is in the first image, it works perfectly, no problems whatsoever.




      However, when I add the third finger to the text wrap, the wrap breaks on the far right side at the places denoted by the red line.



      Here's a close up of that area just to show that I don't have any intersecting paths or anything crazy that might mess it up.



      I've tried reloading the file, creating a new file, creating a new file with completely different text and fonts, but every time it's the same problem. I know this is kinda stretching the boundaries of what the program was used for, but the problem just seems inconsistent and it appears that it should work. Thanks in advance for answering, I'd love any tips or even a workaround if anyone has an idea.